Sunday, May 24, 2009

Menu Plan Monday- May 25, 2009

I started falling off the menu planning wagon even before I was gone for a month, so I'm trying to climb back on!

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Tortilla Pie

Tuna Balls

Chicken with Cornflakes- This is served with pasta, but I think I'll ditch that and do it with something or use WW pasta, not sure yet.

Corn Dogs- I am going to see if I can bake these instead of frying them. I've seen a couple recipes for baked corn dogs but they had muffin mix batter and I think this looks way tastier. Hopefully I can find some wooden sticks to make these on!!

It's Martijn's turn to cook for his dinner club this week, so I'm taking the night off that day.

Won Ton Tacos- This is just a backup incase we don't have leftovers one night!


Hoosier Homemade said...

I have corn dogs on my plan too. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Simplifying Computer Time.

Wizardress said...

It all sounds good to me.

I'm glad you are home- Hope we can catch up in person sometime soon- it has been far too long. *hugs*

Sharinskishe said...

I saw corn dogs done in the muffin tin and was thinking of doing that this week too. There must be something in the air, something under the moon or maybe in the water?

Your menu looks great. I think I will hop on over to your place for food this week!! Wishing thinking!!

Glad you are home, safe and sound. I hope you had a great visit.

Melissa said...

The won ton tacos sound very interesting! I haven't seen anything like that before, but I might have to try it sometime. Thanks.

Brenda said...

Those wonton tacos look really fun. They would make a great appetizer

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