Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dutch Goodies Winner


It looks like the winner is lucky #7, the lovely Noodle! Lucky for me too, she's local! Congrats Leslie, I'll make arrangements to get this stuff to you before I head back to The Netherlands.

I got some great suggestions for posts and when I get back to The Netherlands I'll compile them together and start working on some response posts! Thanks to everyone who responded, I have a couple other ideas up my sleeve for giveaways in the next few weeks too.


Amy said...

Aah, Leslie won! That is so wonderful for her, and it will probably help alleviate some of her stress. Yay for Leslie!

I am a little sad that I didn't win though.

Noodle said...

Holy cow! I'm super excited! I never win anything any more... (I used to win stuff all the time, but not no more) well until now hehehe... This came at a great time... I've been kinda down lately... I'm excited to try all the fun stuff and enjoy a little bit of another culture.. Thanks!

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