Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bell Pepper Bounty

I love to cook with bell peppers (paprikas in Dutch). One of the sales fliers here had them on sale for €1.75 per kilogram so I thought I'd better restock my supplies.

Picture 2138

However, if you've only got two people to feed, what are you going to do with piles and piles of bell peppers?

Picture 2141

Slice them up and freeze them of course! As with onions and garlic, the only prep needed is a good wash and chop. I like to cut mine into strips, but dicing also works well. After you slice them up, pat them dry and put a convenient for you amount into your baggies. I put about 150 grams of peppers into each bag, which is about a pepper and a half (depending on their size). Freeze them flat and use at your leisure!

Don't slice up the entire bounty though- save a few for stuffed peppers!

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melinda said...

i have a case of pepper envy now! i like the recipe above too. thank you:)

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