Friday, August 15, 2008

Ik heb een kleine fout gemaakt

(Translation: I have made a small mistake)

Uh, so... the weather was really nice yesterday and I very excitedly sprayed on a final clear coat and left it to dry for a few hours. Then, I was putting it together and the old screw holes weren't lining up! Then Martijn said "flip it around" and I came to the sad sad sad realization that I painted the wrong end of this one piece.

Sewing Box Mishap

I moped around for awhile, and then took it outside to spray the CORRECT end... and... the paint can was completely empty. Not even a tiny little squirt left.

I still think maybe it'll look nice if I ever finish it!


Anonymous said...

It looks really good. Do i need to deposit money for another can of spray paint?
Love you, Mom

Wizardress said...

Oh no!! I hate when those things happen. I do like the colors though, and your foutje 'komt wel goed':)

*bigggg hugs*


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