Sunday, February 07, 2010

Happy 101 Award

The lovely Sarah at I Blame My Mother gave me the Happy 101 Award!

Here's what I'm supposed to do:
Copy the award image into a post.
List 10 things that make you happy.
Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day.
Put in a link to their blogs.
Notify the award receivers.
In no particular order, ten things that make me happy are :
  1. I have my bike back! It's quite a relief not to be reliant on public transport anymore.
  2. Snuggling with Martijn.
  3. Awesome hand-knit socks.
  4. Pickwick Minty Morroco Tea
  5. I'm going home to see my family in the summer!
  6. Finding awesome things at the thirft store for a good price
  7. Cooking new things and having them turn out really well
  8. lolcats
  9. Making stuff
  10. Late night chats with Martijn before we go to sleep.

Now for 10 bloggers that brighten my day!

Dina at 4 Lettre Words

Jenny at (the aptly named) Jenny Matlock

Julia at Brainella the Librarian

Amy at Happily Ever After

Valerie (& Henry) at Vonlipi's Favorites

Sonya at Home Cooking with Sonya

Connie at Meal Planning with Connie

Rebekah at Sabbath Supper

Jeanette at Sweet Jeanette

Courtney at Redheads Craft More Fun


Peterson Family said...

Awesome list! Hand knit anything always makes me smile!!!

Amy said...

Oh, making sweet finds at thrift stores is always so thrilling, I can't wait to see you if you have time to stop in whilst visiting your fam, and I love your socks as well! Oh, and thanks for the award. I am so happy I can brighten your day!

Wizardress said...

I love this- I did something similar on my blog not too long ago. Great list!!!

Have a wonderful day *hugs*

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