Friday, February 05, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday: C is for Collection of Pyrex

The oh so funny Jenny Matlock has started up a new link-up called Alphabe-Thursday! I'm a little late to the game (as usual), but I'm going to jump into C and if I get extra ambitious then I can go back and do A & B.

Today's C is collection, my wee little Pyrex collection to be exact. I maybe should've saved this for "P" but I'm not patient enough for that.

letter P happYbirthday R blue squared circle E Vintage LEGO brick letter X

I was at the thrift store one day and came across this little beauty, and that's where it all started! I couldn't resist the orange and red. It was calling out at me "take me home!" So, I did.

Pyrex- Friendship pattern

Over the last couple of years I've slowly been building up my little collection piece by piece.

pyrex collage

Then last week I found THESE! I've never seen anything like them before, I just love the shape. They had three so I snatched them all up for €4.50.

Funky Triangle Pyrex Dishes

The first piece I showed you, along with a cute little red fridge dish are the only American Pyrex I have. Everything else is British, which would make sense seeing as how I'm rather close to Britain and rather unclose to the US. Still, I wouldn't mind stumbling over more of the colorful American pieces. I've decided that I don't like the rose pattern quite as much as some of the others, so as I find dishes that I like better I'm going to swap them out. They're great to cook in so I don't want to just get rid of them before I have something shiny to put in their place.

What do YOU collect?

This post is linking up to Alphabe-Thursday! Click on over for more C posts.

Jenny Matlock


Rebekah said...

Hi mub,

I love your Pyrex collection! As soon as I saw the word "Pyrex" in your post title, I knew I had to read it from beginning to end. I love baking with Pyrex dishes and my family has been adding to our own little "collection" a lot recently. Just this week my Papa bought a Pyrex cutting board specially for cutting raw meat. He sort of bought it with me in mind because I was having trouble with preparing a beef stew without the use of a cutting board! I haven't used it yet and am itching to give it a go.

So any collections for me besides the Pyrex? Hmm... I do like to collect yarn and fabric (I knit and sew a lot), and recently I've been into adding cookbooks to my bookshelf. So there you go.

Love reading your blog!

4 Lettre Words said...

Kim...we really are SO much alike! I collect Pyrex and Fire King. I just ADORE the triangle pieces. Do you think they were for pie???

I'm gonna email you some pics of my favorite items...

Noodle said...

I only have boring clear pyrex... =( but sense I don't cook alot it don't make sense for me to collect it... But I am getting better at cooking =) but as for me I collect FABRIC!!! I love fabric and making little dresses and hats and cute things for my little girls...

Sonya said...

Awesome collection..are u finding all of those at second hand stores here? I need to get more myself.

Jenny said...

I love your pyrex! I have never seen a triangular one before. Wow, that is amazing. And neat! I have a few refrigerator containers but nothing nearly as cool as yours! Wow! I think you should post this under D, like with two links! I know a lot of the readers would like this post especially!

I would have given you an A+ but since it was late you'll just have to have an A. ha!

Wizardress said...

Awww I'm going to find some Pyrex for you. I love it tooo and have several pieces myself :)

Jeannette said...

Love your pyrex :) Never seen the triange piece before, how exciting to have something like that set!

Anonymous said...

Wow triangular Pyrex!

(I just, er, like triangles lots. Er...)

Viki said...

I'm with the others, I've never seen triangular pyrex. It looks cute LOL.

Jenny said...

I cannot stand it. I am coveting your pyrex. Is that a sin? I'm wondering. It doesn't specifically say not to covet your neighbors PYREX anywhere, does it?

I need, NEED, NEED the triangular one.

My life will be incomplete until I find one and make it my very own.

Dramatic enough for you?

It is going on my bucket list...and then my husband will have to bury me with it...

Dang. OK, now I have to squeeze a google search for "triangular pyrex" into my day.

I hope you're happy now.



mbkatc230 said...

The triangular ones are so cute. I've never seen them before either. You've got a great collection, I love that first piece - it just looks happy! Kathy

Sarah said...

I've never seen a triangular pyrex dish. If you lived closer I'd send you the pyrex that is sitting my in mom's cabinet. But it would be much too heavy to ship overseas.

Brenda said...

I love those, especially the first one. I never see them with the lids intact when I am rummaging.

RNSANE said...

I only have clear glass pyrex left, just the baking pans, without lids. I'm afraid mine were replaced by Corning ware. I don't collect any kind of dishes but strawberry items - plates, needlework, china ( I have the Wedgewood Wild Strawberry ), decoupage, all sorts of bits and pieces - and elephants and mushrooms!

Prim2Pink said...

I collect pink Pyrex!
Absolutely fell in love with the first piece you got!!

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