Sunday, June 05, 2011

Under Construction

Remember back in the good old days of the web when everyone had a poorly designed Geocities or Angelfire personal webpage with horrible loud colors, blinking fonts, and the like? I think there's a good possibility that 99.7% of those good old personal webpages also had at LEAST one "Under Construction" animated graphic. Well, I thought I'd bring some of that nostalgia back today.

Today I'm installing my new web template that I've been working on and off on for quite some time. Hopefully all will go well but you know how things go. If things look slightly deranged for a little while be patient and come back in a few hours. If you're reading this via RSS on a reader, boy aren't you lucky? You don't have to witness the carnage in person!!

This is an interesting read on Geocities and's attempts at saving and archiving things before Yahoo nuked the service in 2009. I snagged my Under Construction graphic here.

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