Thursday, May 19, 2011

Diaper Wreath Baby Shower Gift

My standard go-to gift for baby showers the past several years has always been a diaper cake but a few weeks ago the lovely Lori turned me onto the next big thing: Diaper Wreaths. They appeared to have all of the cute and about half of the work as a diaper cake. Since we needed a gift for someone we both decided it was a brilliant plan and she went shopping to find awesome cute things to use for it. I was in charge of supplies and assembly and buying a few things to "fill in the holes."

If you google you'll find a gaggle of different ideas and techniques for making them so I'm just going to show you the finished product and some random commentary in bulleted form on the process.

  • You probably don't want to use a straw wreath for the base. They are poky and kinda messy. If you do use a straw wreath this can be overcome by wrapping it all the way around with some wide ribbon and pretending you meant to do that all along.

  • I had 9 diapers leftover from the last diaper cake I made and they've been sitting in my closet forever. I've nearly thrown them away about 80 times but I always felt guilty about that so in my closet they sat. Since the wreaths don't take nearly as many diapers as the cakes I thought this would be enough. It's not. I don't think diapers come in smaller quantities than 50. I understand this to be because babies are pooping machines and you can probably go through that many diapers in about 12 minutes flat but it isn't very useful to me when I only need about 6 more.

  • Tulle is magic. And it can make it look like only 9 diapers was a well thought through plan.

  • I need a personal shopper! Lori found such cute things for this and I would've been laying on the floor in the department store weeping trying to figure out what to use.

  • I bet you're just really wishing I would get to the point and show you a picture of the darn thing, aren't you?

  • I'll show you if you promise to act like it's completely normal to hang a wreath on a laundry drying rack, okay?

Diaper Wreath

I kept having "How am I going to make this look like a monkey didn't assemble it??" at times during the process but I LOVE the way it turned out and I sure hope the recipient loves it too!

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