Monday, April 04, 2011

Menu Plan Monday- April 4, 2011

Last Week:

The Chicken Chimichangas were alright. I might keep looking for a REALLY good recipe.

The plan was to have Martijn make the Greek Lamb Kofta with Lemony Rice but he got held up at work so I did most of the prep work for him. I didn't mind though cause they were GOOOOOOOOOOOD!

I also made Pop-Up Pizza Pie but I wasn't wildly excited about it. I think if I want pizza I'll just have pizza!

This week:

Black Bean Sweet Potato uh... Somethings- I've seen several recipes around for black bean and sweet potato burritos. So I'm putting my spin on them and making tortilla bowls to put the fillings in. I hope they're good!

Polenta "Pizza" With Spinach & Bacon- More experiments with polenta! This time with slightly less bacon grease than in the previous attempts.

Beef Stroganoff Hamburger Dinner in a Skillet- Sometimes I wonder if Food Network chefs get paid by the number of words they can cram into a recipe's title.

Melt Sandwiches and Carrot Soup

My mother in law bought 20 kilos of carrots (that's 44 POUNDS) and shared some of her bounty with me so most side dishes and meals are going to have carrots somehow incorporated into them even if they're not listed in the ingredients of the recipe! Do you have a favorite carrot recipe? Please share!

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