Thursday, December 16, 2010


To celebrate and to remember the liberation of Eindhoven, each year the city hosts the Lichtjesroute (literally translated as "light route). What began as families putting candles and lightbulbs in the front windows of homes to welcome the troops has grown to a 22km route through the city that is lined with lights that form pictures. There are several streets that have different animals, a neighborhood of musical instruments and even the Smurfs village!

Lichtjesroute- Northern Part, Eindhoven 2008

Hungry baby birds getting breakfast from the mama bird.
Lichtjesroute- Northern Part, Eindhoven 2008

All aboard!
Lichtjesroute- Northern Part, Eindhoven 2008

This one is quite blurry, but it shows how they hang the smaller ornaments along the roadside pretty well.
Lichtjesroute- Northern Part, Eindhoven 2008

The Lichtjesroute starts on 18 September (the day Eindhoven was liberated in 1944) and usually runs for around three weeks afterwards. It's not the worlds most amazing light show, but I love the history behind it and it's a great tour of the city to do on your bike. You can also drive the route but it usually takes FOREVER because of traffic. It's completely run by volunteers and I find that quite impressive! I know I'm telling you a little late for this year, but it runs every year so now you have plenty of time to prepare!

Since I'm not the worlds best night photographer, I'll leave you with a link to the website that has much better pictures than the ones I snapped!


This week L is for Lichtjesroute! Make sure to go check out the other participants by clicking on the picture below!

Jenny Matlock

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